The Excitement is Building

Elle decorating the tree


H-Turn on the Cwistmas lights daddy!
Me-Ok, ok, hold on…there you go…
H-Oh those are so beautiful daddy. I’ve never seen them before.
Me-They’ve been up for a week.
H-I’ve never seen them today. They’re beautiful.


We’re rounding the corner and heading for home on what will be the 5th Christmas with the girls, and while this year figures to be a little different than the last few, each year has been very unique in it’s own way. Whether it was them as babies and not knowing anything about Christmas, waking up at Grandma’s in Owensboro, or the first Christmas in the new house where they were truly excited to see what Santa left under the tree for them, watching them on Christmas morning always brings back the excitement I felt as a little kid on that morning. To this day, I still remember opening gift after gift and being excited about every one, even if it is just a grapefruit in my stocking or a pair of socks. It was the most exciting time of the year and I always felt very special for all the gifts I received.

When I was little, I used to get so excited about my toys that I wanted to play with each and every one, but we always had to drive around to the different family houses and were forced to leave most of our toys behind. We’d occasionally stop back by the house and trade out toys, but for the most part we were forced to wait until later that night or the next day to get to play with most of our stuff. I also kind of had a thing for wearing every article of clothing I got (not at once, that’d be silly), which my family still likes to tease me about.

Since the girls raked in more toys and dolls than any two children should possibly have during their Princess Birthday Party, this year might be a little lighter on the toys, and a little heavier on fun activities and clothes they can actually use. Plus, for some reason, they’re not like normal kids who have the one big toy they really want. They switch stuff up so much on what they play with or like, it’s hard to pick something out that they will still be interested in tomorrow. So, I’m mixing in some arts and crafts with some new clothes with a just a few toys this year. Since these two are eating and growing faster than ever, it’s hard to keep up with them in the clothes department. Plus, the arts and crafts will help us all make it through what is expected to be a long cold winter.

Now that the girls are a little older, it’s fun to see the anticipation grow with them. I feel like after all the Santa visits at church and school, writing letters, the elf on a shelf, decorations and Christmas music their mom listens to, this year might be enough to make them explode before the day gets here. Plus, there’s still another special visit from santa coming this weekend that might just tip the scales in the week leading up to the big day. I’m getting pretty excited myself, because no matter what the girls get, they are always so excited to open their gifts and are very thankful for whatever it is, even if it is just a pair of socks or a grapefruit in their stocking. Of course we all know they’ll be getting much more than that. They’re pretty spoiled, but in a good way.



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