Their First Sleepover

H-How come Chris and Dani had a sleepover? Me- Cause you kept bugging them about it. H- Oh yeah…it was awesome!   In what I can only assume was a moment of weakness on Aunt Dani’s part, she offered months ago to have the girls come over and spend the night for a Princess Sleepover. […]

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The Girls Who Cried “Sick.”

H-When’s Elle coming home? Me-3 hours.   H-When’s Elle coming home? Me-2 hours and 45 minutes.   H-When’s Elle coming home? Me-2 hours and 40 minutes.   H-When’s Elle coming home? I miss her. Me-I couldn’t tell. For the second time in two weeks, the girls have managed to make me eat my words. Words […]

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Video Game Nerds

Me-I think you only need one controller to play. E-it’s not a controller it’s called a Wii. Me-A Wii controller. E-No…just a Wii. Me-Ok Elle, whatever you say. E-Whatever dad. We are a raising another generation of video game nerds, but for some reason, I’m ok with my girls falling into that category. Not too […]

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Because I’m smarter…for now.

  Me-Pork loin, green beans, carrots… H-I don’t like carrots. Me-Huds, you know I don’t like it when you say you don’t like something that I know you like. H-You don’t know what I like…You’re NOT smarter than me. Me-Excuse me? H-Well, your not in my head…you don’t know.   I remember several times throughout […]

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Holiday Recap/Hangover

  E-How does Santa’s elves make gum? That’s silly. Me-They’re magical Elle. They can make anything. H-Yeah…they magical…duh Elle.  E-Santa heard you be mean Huds.   Deep breath. (inhale) And let it out. (exhale) Yeah that feels better. As much as I love Christmas and giving gifts, there’s no greater relief than when the holidays […]

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