Holiday Recap/Hangover

If i sent holiday cards...this would be next year's


E-How does Santa’s elves make gum? That’s silly.
Me-They’re magical Elle. They can make anything.
H-Yeah…they magical…duh Elle. 
E-Santa heard you be mean Huds.


Deep breath. (inhale)

And let it out. (exhale)

Yeah that feels better. As much as I love Christmas and giving gifts, there’s no greater relief than when the holidays and all the stress that comes with them is over. Fortunately I had a week off to enjoy the post Christmas hangover, but like most years…our Christmas stretched out an entire week. It’s a week where it’s made perfectly clear how spoiled the girls are by us and our families. Christmas morning saw the girls rake in more toys and clothes than I collected over 10 Christmases, which was in large part, due to the fact that Tracey, Renee and I all shopped independently for them. This lead us to the idea that we might have to put a cap on next year’s holiday madness. The gifts kept rolling in that day at Aunt Kiki and Uncle John’s house, followed by even more gifts when my family was able to exchange gifts with them on Friday. Overall, I think it was ok because they got more stuff that they actually needed over just fun toys they didn’t need. But there’s no doubt that these two definitely cleaned up this year.

Rainbow before getting more gifts at Nana and Pops

Watching them rip open gifts is quite the experience. Half the time they aren’t even looking at what was wrapped up as much as they are trying to move on to the next gift. I could have wrapped up used dish towels and they would have been equally as pumped as they were for the new kids wii remotes or my little ponies I got them. But that’s just the way kids are. There’s no time to sit down and appreciate one gift with the building anticipation of what’s under the paper on the next one. They brought in a good haul of new clothes, which is much appreciated for these two growing weeds as well as several fun toys, comforters, crafts and even a new table and chairs set to do all their coloring on.

Here’s them in action with their new Wii remotes (from Santa) and Kids Dance game (courtesy of Uncle Chris and Aunt Dani).

The day after we finally finished up our Christmas Family Extravaganza just so happened to be New Year’s Eve, which meant one more big party before we’re done. The girls and I made it over to Brenna and Shane’s house for what would turn out to be an amazing night of crazy kids running around, being hyper and generally being kids. There was somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 wild children at any given point, yelling, blowing noise makers, screaming, crying, laughing, running and having a great time. The parents all stood around talking, drinking, eating and taking turns yelling at the kids to calm down. The highlight of the night for me was when we broke out the “Kid Beer” (carbonated Juicy Juice). It was a photo/video op for the ages, with all the kids drinking out of their cans and cheers-ing each other. Although we left before midnight, the girls and I were able to watch the ball drop. They couldn’t understand why everyone was screaming and yelling, but they said “Happy New Years!” and went right to sleep.

Cheers to Kid Beers!

In what might be reflective of the crazy busy week, we all slept in super late the next morning and spent most of the day in our pjs. I must admit, for all of the running around, excitement, gifts, parties and craziness that came with the holidays, it was a truly amazing week and I hope everyone else enjoyed their time off as much as we did. Happy New Year! And CHEERS to KID BEER!



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