Because I’m smarter…for now.

Growing up too fast for her own good


Me-Pork loin, green beans, carrots…
H-I don’t like carrots.
Me-Huds, you know I don’t like it when you say you don’t like something that I know you like.
H-You don’t know what I like…You’re NOT smarter than me.
Me-Excuse me?
H-Well, your not in my head…you don’t know.


I remember several times throughout my childhood and adolescence, thinking to myself “Your so stupid. I’m smarter than you think I am, and probably smarter than you.” (Sorry Mom and Dad) I was, no doubt about it, incredibly and utterly WRONG! My parents had life experience that I never gave them credit for, and in my arrogance, simply assumed I knew more about everything than they did. At some point all those lessons they were trying to teach me finally sunk in. I was able to somehow look back on things and think to myself, “huh, I guess they did know more than me.” I have a feeling my mom will print, frame and hang these words on a wall in her house somewhere.

God, society and teachers willing, the girls will indeed be smarter than me some day. That day though, is not today, unless you ask Hudson. I assumed I had at least another 8 or so years before the girls became teenagers and officially wrote me off as a “stupid parent” like every other teenager in the history of the world. But, you know what they say when you assume…

The girls started off like any other kids with the most common question any kid will ever ask, “Why?” That question has morphed into “How do you know?” to which I’d simply reply “Because I’m smart.” I hoped that it would in some way ingrain the idea in their heads that daddy is indeed very wise beyond his years and to not question what comes out of his mouth, because he is smarter than you. Apparently they’ve seen through my rouse.

It’s kind of funny, when your kids are growing up it’s very important to encourage them to learn, to soak in all of the things around them to become smarter. I am a bit biased, but I think my girls are pretty darn smart. They are super observant, they recall everything (and I mean everything) and they always seem ready to learn and ask questions. But, when it comes to parenting, in order to keep them grounded, you have to let them know that you are smarter than them so that they don’t develop the attitude early and start questioning everything that you say or do. There’s a very fine line to balance there.

I finished the above conversation by letting Hudson know that I was in fact smarter than her, but that I did appreciate the fact that she is able to think and form opinions on her own. I’m sure she didn’t quite grasp the compliment or the complexity of the idea, but she will. With enough time, education and encouragement, she will most definitely be smarter than me. On that day, I’ll officially wave my white flag, but until then, Daddy is the smartest man on the earth. So says me.




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