Video Game Nerds

my little video game nerds
Me-I think you only need one controller to play.
E-it’s not a controller it’s called a Wii.
Me-A Wii controller.
E-No…just a Wii.
Me-Ok Elle, whatever you say.
E-Whatever dad.

We are a raising another generation of video game nerds, but for some reason, I’m ok with my girls falling into that category. Not too long ago it was pretty taboo to let your kid sit around all day eating Cheetos, drinking Mt. Dew and playing video games. The junk food part is still pretty wrong, but where I’m ok with my kids being gamers is that it’s a way more active experience these days. Far from my days of 8-bit graphics on my Atari 2600 is the Wii, Xbox and Playstation, all of which have games that are designed to give you a workout while you’re playing games. It’s the ultimate mind trick for kids and adults too.

Since video game systems seem to have a time consuming/addictive element to them, I’ve avoided getting anything for years. I contemplated getting a Playstation 3 under the pretense that it also serves as a blue-ray player, and that would be the real reason I got it. But I know better. I’d get Fifa soccer and lose hours even days of my life to it. I did however, recently get a Wii and now find myself fully immersed in that world. I showed the girls how it worked and they were totally caught too, but I didn’t have a game that they could play.

I tried letting them play Mario Kart, but that was way too frustrating to watch and even less fun for them to run into the wall 100 times until they got bored with it. Since they’re a little too young and don’t have a whole lot of patience to sit still, I figured that a dance game for the Wii would be the perfect gift for them. With the Just Dance Kids, they don’t have to complete any levels or goals, they just get to mimmic what’s on the screen and have fun singing and dancing.

I was right. They love it, and Hudson even complains that she can’t play for too long cause it makes her tired. You see…it’s the ultimate trick. They think they’re just playing video games, but I know they’re getting some exercise, and more importantly, burning off some of that energy that gets pent up over these cold winter days not being able to go outside. The other night we took our controllers over to Chris and Dani’s so all the kids could play the dance game. They were all so cute dancing and even Read, who didn’t like the game, got involved and was kicking out some serious dance moves. I’ve since nicknamed him little Michael Jackson. The kid is a dancing fool.

Although it was a bit of a risk having a game console in my place, I’m really glad I have it. And I think my little gamer nerds are happy we have it too. Now let’s Dance!!!!



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