The Girls Who Cried “Sick.”

Huds not feeling so hot
H-When’s Elle coming home?
Me-3 hours.
H-When’s Elle coming home?
Me-2 hours and 45 minutes.
H-When’s Elle coming home?
Me-2 hours and 40 minutes.
H-When’s Elle coming home? I miss her.
Me-I couldn’t tell.

For the second time in two weeks, the girls have managed to make me eat my words. Words that, in hindsight, weren’t very nice. But, to be fair, they kind of had it coming.

No, I didn’t swear at them or even yell at them. I just completely disregarded what they had to say and didn’t believe a word that was coming out of their little mouths. You see the girls (especially Hudson) have taken to the idea that if they say they don’t feel good, have a headache or their belly hurts, can somehow manage to get out of doing certain things. Cleaning their room. Eating all their dinner. Being good. It’s happened so frequently that I’ve started to not believe them when they tell me they don’t feel good.

Case in point, Elle complained two weeks ago about her “froat hurting” and I told her that she’d be fine, to just finish eating her dinner. Surprise! It’s 2:30am and Elle is standing over me crying because she now has a 101 fever and a really sore throat. A quick trip to the doctor later and we find that Elle has Strep Throat. I felt kind of guilty, but also took it as an opportunity to teach them that if they lie to me about being sick that i won’t believe them and won’t take care of them like I should. Without having to read them “The boy who cried wolf” story, they said they understood and I figured we were good to go.

You don’t lie to daddy. Daddy will believe you when you say you’re sick. Deal? Deal.

Cut to a week and a half, several “I have a headache’s” and “my froat hurts” later and this time it’s Hudson complaining about not feeling good and her throat hurting. My obvious response…”get in bed, you’ll feel fine tomorrow.” Surprise again! It’s 2am and Hudson is standing over me with a 102 fever and a legit sore throat. Another trip to the doctor, several rounds of vomiting in my car and a positive strep test later, Hudson is crashed on my couch not feeling so hot. Again I explain the whole “lying about feeling bad” thing which probably didn’t register with them either, but I had to at least say it to remove some guilt from my parental disregard for the girls who cried “Sick.”

I think the real lesson to be learned here is when you’re kids say they’re sick, they might actually be sick. No matter how many times they lie to you, believe them or you’ll end up with one of them not only standing over you at 2am, but even worse, throwing up on you at 2am.


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