Their First Sleepover

Elle and Lucy gearing up for the Princess Sleepover
H-How come Chris and Dani had a sleepover?
Me- Cause you kept bugging them about it.
H- Oh yeah…it was awesome!


In what I can only assume was a moment of weakness on Aunt Dani’s part, she offered months ago to have the girls come over and spend the night for a Princess Sleepover. After weeks and weeks of the girls bugging me, “when are we going to sleepover with Aunt Dani?” a plan was put into action to make it happen. What originally started off as the girls spending the night with Lucy and having a “girls only” sleepover, eventually evolved into a night that might not be repeated for a while. Well, not at Chris and Dani’s house anyways. 3 girls having a tea party, painting nails and playing games somehow morphed into 7 girls, running around the house, dressed up like princesses and generally being crazy.

The girls have spent the night at different places, (Grandma’s, Jessi and Kasey’s, Nana and Pops, Aunt Kikki’s, Pawpaws, etc.) but never as an official kids sleepover with their cousins. Once the idea was brought up, it completely consumed their thoughts. They asked me every day for the month of December and into January, when it was going to happen. When we finally set a date (two weeks later) they asked me every single day if “today” was the day that they’d get to spend the night at Chris and Dani’s. There were some discussions of adding Grace to the mix, since all the girls love her and “what’s one more?” Right? On the day of, Dani informed me that Quinn was also going to be joining in on the fun. The count was up to 5.

When I told the girls that Gracie and Quinn would be there, their next question was, “will Lucy Lynn be there too?” I told them that might be a bit much for Aunt Dani and Uncle Chris to handle for one night. But, much to my surprise and the excitement of the girls, both Lucy Lynn and her sister Emma were also coming to join the fun. The count is now at 7. These two are just asking for trouble.

We arrived around 4 to watch the UK game and get this party going. Slowly, but surely, the kids started to pour in and the excitement began. What happened next all seemed to be a bit of a blur. Kids getting dressed up. Playing upstairs. Downstairs. Eating chips. Being loud. Being silly. Eating pizza. Eating icecream…and so on. I stuck around til almost 10 with Lou, Jenn, Chris and Dani as moral support if anything. Even though some of the punishment felt self inflicted, I would have felt bad leaving them with all that chaos. The girls were having so much fun when I left that I’m sure they wouldn’t have even noticed if I’d left hours ago.

All the crazy princesses!

As I found out through Facebook, it took a little while to get them all to bed, but they all finally did go to sleep. Of course, they didn’t sleep in and were up by 7am, much to the chagrin of Chris and Dani, but at least they got 7 hours of sleep right? When I picked up the girls they were wiped out. Excited and had so much fun, but clearly the long, late night had taken its tole on them. Elle keeps reminding me that they’d stayed up past midnight which was really the next day and that they were never doing that again cause it was “too late for little kids to be up.” We spent the rest of our lazy Sunday relaxing, taking a long nap and just hanging out. The girls couldn’t stop talking about all the fun things they did and had their pretty nail polish and princess jewelry to show for it.

While Chris and Dani still might be recovering, I know the girls had an absolute blast at their first big time sleepover with their friends and are ready to do it again. Now all they need is for someone to volunteer to host the second one. Not it!


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