Dangerously Sweet and Scary Smart

They sure do look sweet, but I know better.
E-Daddy, what did you get for Balemtimes Day?
Me-Oh I didn’t get anything this year.
E-Aw Dad, I’ll give you some of my candy tomorrow.
H-And I’ll make you a card at school.
Me-That’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.


Last week, Tracey headed to Russia for work which meant I had 7 days in a row with the girls. Things started off a little rough with them missing their mommy and me holding onto the idea that it was going to be a very long, long week with them. There were some battles of will, some crying, yelling and lots of stress…and I’m just talking about me. Once we all kind of settled into a groove and decided it’d be a much better week if we all behaved, we started to have a bit more fun. It ended up being a wonderful week and one where I learned a thing or two about myself and about the girls.

Their powers of manipulation are growing by the day. When they’re acting bad, crying and fighting, I have no problem sending them to their room or taking things away from them. But, when they’re being good and super sweet, they make it very difficult not to want to spoil the crap out of them. And I think they’re starting to realize it, which is scary.  At this pace, they’ll reach Jedi mind control level by the time they turn 7.

Sure, every kid has their way of trying to get what they want, whether it’s crying, acting out, yelling, being sweet, being good or just plain taking advantage of the system. These two are working on a whole new level that I didn’t see coming. While the Valentine’s day comment is one that tugs at my heartstrings, I was most impressed with their newly found powers of negotiation.

Since they weren’t the least bit interested in watching the Super Bowl with me, I set them up upstairs with lots of paint and paper in their play area. Once they finished that, I turned on the TV upstairs for them and they watched “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” in my bed until it was time for them to get ready to head to their room for the night. This is where Hudson threw me for a loop. They had yelled down earlier asking if they could just sleep in my bed and my obvious answer was “NO.” A few minutes later I hear footsteps coming down the stairs and all of the sudden Hudson is standing right next to me, armed with one of the more persuasive arguments I could have expected from a 4-year old.

“Daddy, I was thinking, maybe when the movie is over, we could just fall asleep in your bed and then when you’re ready to go to bed you can just carry us downstairs and put us in our bed? But we really want to fall asleep in your bed cause it’s comfortable and we love you so much.”

Yeah…so they slept in my bed that night.

How could I say no to that? Crying. Fussing. Whining. All very easy to say no to. A very clever, well thought-out approach, topped with just the right amount of sweetness is virtually impossible to resists. I can’t say it enough…I’m in really big trouble with these two.


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