Sharing is Caring

One of my favorite photos of them
E- You bein a bad sister.
H- No I’m not. Even when I say bad things to you, I’m not a bad sister.
E- Actually…that makes you a bad sister.


Having a sibling, especially a twin sibling, has to be the most amazing thing in the world. They’re often times your best friend, your playmate and someone who will always be there for you when you need them the most. But they can ultimately be your most heated rival and enemy at times.

Growing up in the middle of nowhere, my brother and I were kind of forced into being best friends and more importantly, forced to get over fights a whole lot quicker than most siblings. If we didn’t, there weren’t really any neighborhood kids to play with, so that could get pretty lonely. I know we had some serious fights, that sometimes resulted in me punching him in the face or hitting him over the head with a piece of firewood, but somehow the bloody noses and lumps on his head seemed to last longer than the fights. I’m sure it drove my mom nuts, but I’m also sure it made her happy to see how well her boys got along, and really still do. I know this because I see it in my girls every day.

Recently I was getting the girls ready for church and they both had this attitude towards each other that I could tell was going to make for a long morning. It started with Hudson staking claim to the necklace and watch that Elle had worn the day before. Since they basically share everything, it was hard to make a call on this one, so I went with the whole, “first one to get it, gets to wear it” approach. This was clearly not well received because Elle, with her attitude guns a blazin, continued to hound Hudson for the entire drive to church. This ultimately ended with me telling them both to knock it off and to stop talking to each other for the rest of the drive.

When we pulled into the parking lot, something clicked with Hudson, because she offered Elle both the necklace and the watch in exchange for Elle’s pink bracelet (that Elle didn’t like). She followed this gesture up by saying “They’ll look much prettier on you anyways Elle, and I want you to be happy.” At that exact moment I could not have been more proud of Hudson for being so sweet. Somehow with this small gesture, she managed to wipe away all the frustrations of them fighting that morning and turn it into a moment I’ll always remember.

Sure, fighting between siblings is expected, especially when you’re forced to share a pretty significant amount of time together every day in school and at home like my girls do. It’s frustrating as a parent to feel like a referee in the middle of an ultimate fighting cage match, but the feeling you get when they make up or are sweet to each other somehow seems to overshadow that crazy time. I don’t know what it is about them being sweet to each other that just completely wipes away the frustrations of them fighting, but it just does, and I’m not going to question it.






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