Drama Queens

Here they are as teachers/hipsters
H-Aw honey, happy birthday (hugging Elle)
E-Thank you sissy, I am 2 years old.
Me-Elle…Hudson…time for dinner!
H-My name is Marissa and it’s my little sissy’s birthday.
Me- Oh, so sorry. What’s your sister’s name?
E- Marissa.
Me-So you’re both Marissa?…Nevermind.


After 2 1/2 hours of completely staying in character, I’m absolutely convinced that acting is the way to go for these two. I mean, they were like Brad-Pitt-method-acting-good that night. I couldn’t break them out of it. Fortunately for me that night they were playing the roles of two loving, sweet and awesome children. It might have been one of the easiest, most well behaved nights I’ve ever had with them.

They’ve always enjoyed dressing up, which I normally attributed to being little girls, but I’m starting to believe that the dressing up now is directly related to the character that they’re playing. Hudson stripped down to her skivvies one night to play the role of “the puppy” and she only spoke in barks (it was super annoying). Elle has worn a dress that she was convinced was a wedding dress, only to spend the night talking about how she was getting married. I spent that night reinforcing my “No Dating Til You’re 30” Rule.

Hudson has always been pretty dramatic. It’s hard to put into words how she acts when she gets hurt and nobody is paying attention, but let’s just say she finds a way to completely milk it for all it’s worth and she makes sure you end up paying attention to her. I’ve had their teachers tell me that they are total drama queens and will be actresses some day. I laughed it off at first, but now I’m starting to believe.

I know I spent a large part of my childhood pretending to be G.I. Joe and playing guns in the woods with my brother, but I don’t recall ever correcting my mom when she didn’t call me SnakeEyes. When they get into character, they really get into it, and it’s pretty fun to watch. I’ll be all for it, as long as they can turn it into an Olsen Twins empire and not into the next Lindsay Lohan “career.”



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