5 years ago today…well…tomorrow.

Chillin in the incubator

On this day 5 years ago, after what seemed like an eternity on bed rest in the hospital, Tracey felt a “kick” that was actually the jumpstart to an evening, that seemed to go by in a flash and leave us with two of the most amazing gifts we’ve ever gotten in our lives. While tomorrow is technically their birthday, the day before was actually the day when it all went down.

It’s truly amazing to me how fast these 5 years have gone by, but nothing quite compares to how amazing that night was, how amazing Tracey was through the whole pregnancy, bed rest, shots, pokes, prods and medicines that made her crazy sick, all to keep these two crazy kids in her belly.

If this is starting to sound sappy and nostalgic, well it should, because i’m feeling very sappy and nostalgic right now. I wrote a blog post a while ago about that day and I love going back and reading it as a reminder of what it took to get these two, singing, dancing, loud, sweet, crazy, hilarious bundles of joy into this world.

If you’ve never heard or read the story, here it is:

It was a beautiful Sunday and I finally got the chance to wheel Tracey outside to enjoy the weather. It was a bit overwhelming for her since she’d been locked up for over a month, but nice all the same. We went back to the room and settled in.

So in the midst of me trying to take a nap just after 9pm, Tracey received a huge kick from “baby A”. So big in fact that it broke her water.

After confirming this with a couple of tests, her contractions immediately picked up in intensity, pain and how fast they happened (every 2 min and extremely painful). She was moved to the Labor and delivery. She got a couple rounds of morphine which did nothing for her. She got her epidural and that wasn’t much help either. For her this all took a long time because every painful contraction was digging at her. For me, it all seemed to happen in two minutes. So shortly after getting more drugs that didn’t really help the dr. came in and said “this baby is ready to come out.”

I was thrown a bag with scrubs in it and she was whisked down to the operating room where there were 15 people ready and waiting for her. I’ll spare you the pushing details but needless to say, before I knew it one baby was out and they were checking on the other one to make sure she was ok in there. A split second later they are telling Tracey that her worst nightmare is coming true and they have to take baby B and they have to take her now.

This was a huge rush of people running around getting things set up for a C-section and all of the sudden there are two babies out in the world crying. Of course both of them were shipped off to the NICU before I or Tracey even had a chance to really see them, but we were assured they were doing great and everything was ok. And by 1:30 am they had arrived. The trouble maker and the starter of all this “baby A” is now known as beautiful, little Hudson Renee Dye. Her equally beautiful and little sister… and partner in crime  “baby B” is now known as Elle Ireland Dye.

They both weighed in at an even 3lbs a piece and just under 16 inches long. They say it’s crazy that both of them weighed exactly the same. Apparently that doesn’t happen much. They are both doing great taking food and digesting it, which gets them increased food and a greater potential to get off the feeding tube soon. They are both breathing on their own thanks to those early trips to the hospital that got Tracey those painful steroid shots to help their lungs develop. So far, so good with the pretty identical twin girls. Tracey is now recovering from what can be considered some of the worst pain she’s ever endured and is in dire need of some “quality” rest, but it’s been very hard because she’s had some other problems that have kept her feeling quite poorly (besides the obvious double whammy). She is quite sick and unable to eat much because of some intestinal problems that the doctors are trying to figure out as I type. Plus she lost lots of blood and is short on hemoglobin. She is doing the best she can and is really concerned with getting better so she can take care of her girls and it’s very frustrating for her. Her spirits were greatly boosted last night when we took a trip down and got to hold little Elle for the first time. Hudson was under the uv lamp to prevent jaundice so we’ll get to hold her tonight.

Sooooo… There you have it.   In short, well more like long. But either way.. You have it.

Usually people spend birthdays thinking or talking about the birthday girls, but I want to take this opportunity to thank Tracey today for keeping our girls safe in your belly for as long as you could. Hopefully the girls can read this story some day and be inspired by what a strong mommy they have.




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