Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours

My big 5 year olds!
H-Will you scratch my back?
H-Higher…lower…higher…lower…no higher.
Me-Your back isn’t that big.
H-I know but ur missing it.

I think one of the more amazing things about little kids is when they say or do something that seems well beyond their years. For what seems like forever now, the girls have been doing and saying things that make me laugh, not just because they are funny, but because they are saying things that I’d never imagine kids their age would say. Skim through my Twitter feed and you’ll see what I mean.

Very early on, things they would say were often directly taken from what Tracey and I would say to them. This was usually most evident when they were playing “Mommy and Baby,” and they’d yell at their babies for being bad and make them sit in timeout. Sometimes they would sneak out a bad word, and depending on what the word was, we generally knew exactly where it came from. It was usually a pretty good indicator of how we’d need to tone down our yelling or really watch what we were saying around them.

As they’ve gotten older, they’re saying and doing things that they make up on their own, but they are still doing lots of things you can tell are derived from the adults they are around. They go on business trips to New York. They are mommies, aunts, uncles, friends, etc. They are doctors, patients, teachers, students and so on. I wrote recently about their ability to stay in character, which is truly amazing and something I’ll have to capitalize on some day, but for now I’ll just enjoy the entertainment.

I think it’s pretty evident that the girls remind me of their mommy, not only in looks and spunkiness, but also in some of the things they ask me to do. I’ve caught myself, more times than I can count, recently saying “you’re just like your mommy,” and that is not meant in a bad way at all. Recently Hudson has started asking me to scratch her back, and I can’t help but say “yes” and laugh. It reminds me of her mother more than she knows. One, it’s funny because she’s a little kid asking me to do something I’ve always associated with an adult. Two, I never seem to hit the spot she wants scratched (which is also what it was like  with her mommy).

I know it’s a very small thing, and it’s probably not as funny as I think it is, but it always makes me laugh. I’m happy to scratch some backs and sit back and watch them pretend to fly to New York for a business trip as long as I can. They’re already 5 and I’m sure these times of cuteness will turn into them asking me more adult things like “can I have some money?” or “can I borrow your car?”

Not so funny.


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