Elle, Hudson, Kai and Kalia
E-We’re going to New York for business.
H-Yeah, we have a meeting.
Me-Oh yeah? Can I come?
E-Sowwy dad, we didn’t get you a ticket.
Me-Oh…ok…have fun.
H-It’s not for fun, it’s for business. 


Every parent wants their child to grow up and be a leader, not a follower. To travel the world, have fun, make new friends and experience all the things they never did, or all the things they did do. To become doctors, genetic scientists, or to become the next president of our country. While I’m not sure what the girls are going to do as a career just yet (they’ve got plenty of time to decide), I do know that they do possess some serious influential leadership qualities. Or at the very least they make other kids/people do things they might not normally do.

Last weekend, we were at a derby party with lots of friends and family, and the girls were working their magic in a few ways. Our good friends were in town from Chicago with their two kids who are normally shy and quiet, that is until the girls got a hold of them. At one point I looked at their dad and said “Damn, I’ve never heard Kai talk this much.” He just looked at me for a second and said, “well they are hanging out with your girls.” While he was saying that my girls are a bit chattier than most (in a good way) I took it as a pretty big compliment, that my girls were bringing their kids out of their shells a little bit.

When it was time for the derby to start, Elle had attached herself to my dad and somehow managed to get herself “a cut” of his winnings if his horse crossed the line first. She was so excited for “Handsome” (actual name Hansen) to win and she wast telling everyone that she was going to get a cut of his winning purse. When he didn’t win, Elle was devastated for my dad and walked out of the living room looking like someone had just kicked her pony. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that “handsome” didn’t win and she was sad for Poppy. These forced tears brought on the sympathy from all the winners and before I knew it, both of my girls were walking around with dollar bills they’d gotten from everyone who had one. I guess their charm and promise that it was for college was enough to convince people to fork over their winnings.

On our way home the girls were already scheming on how we can take a trip to Chicago sometime soon to hang out with their best friends, Kai and Kalia again. It seems as if they have a desire to travel which I definitely don’t have a problem with. They also had an impact on everyone at the party, whether they were making them more outgoing and chatty, dishing out hugs, or whether they were soliciting their “cut” of people’s winning bets. They displayed strong leadership qualities, a desire to travel and apparently a future in politics. White House, here they come.




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