A Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

They look too beautiful and too old

After what can only be explained as one of the most monumental weekends in recent memory, it appears as if my worst fears are coming true. The girls are growing up way too fast and I’m not sure if I can stop it. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the pic above and tell me that these two look like 5 year-olds. If that’s not enough proof, they graduated from preschool and had their first big dance recital this past weekend.

While I’ve been mentally prepping for the start of kindergarten for the girls (and also using it as motivation for them to act like big girls), Friday’s graduation from preschool was a pretty sobering moment, knowing my girls are just that much closer to heading to elementary school. In what was their final appearance on stage at Holy Trinity, the girls went out in style, singing at the top of their lungs and performing with the rest of their classmates. They picked up their certificates and enjoyed cookies and punch with their friends, most of them, for the last time. Of course the girls will still be there for the rest of the summer until school starts, but this was kind of a big moment in their young lives and kind of sad to think about.

Elle has graduated
Hudson has graduated

Before their pre-school shin-dig, the girls were actually at their dress rehearsal for their first big dance recital the following night. Tracey and Grandma did a great job of managing that crazy rush and getting them there on time to perform their songs with the rest of their classmates. Saturday though, I was completely unprepared for what was about to happen. The Moss Dance Academy hosts their annual, year end dance recital at Mount St. Joe’s College. Pulling up to the parking lot, I was shocked to see the number of people that were there. I’m not sure why I was expecting only a couple hundred parents and grandparents to be there, but when you consider that there are at least 200 kids from age 3-18 that attend classes there, the numbers grew exponentially.

The theater was completely packed and fortunately for everyone in there, the air conditioning was having trouble keeping up with the 90+ degree heat outside. Packed in like sardines and sweating like we were in a hot yoga class, all the parents anxiously waited for the show to begin. My brother and I scanned the program to see that our girls wouldn’t be performing until almost the very end of the 2 1/2 hour show. He mocked me for wearing a tie, and I responded with a quick quip about him looking like he was ready to go mow the lawn, but to be honest, I was completely jealous of his shorts. Overdressing was a bad idea.

I won’t get into too much detail about the show other than to say that our girls all did great in their performance and followed their teachers’ lead perfectly. Hudson did manage to fall down (which should be no surprise to anyone who knows her), but managed to recover so quickly it was hardly noticeable. Overall, watching the older girls dance was pretty amazing and I’ve decided that I’m fully behind the girls continuing in dance as long as they like doing it because it’s a beautiful thing to watch and something I know very little about. This allows me to be fully impressed by the skill and athleticism of these kids, while hopefully not becoming a raging competitive parent I know I have potential to be. It was pretty fun for me to watch and I hope the girls continue to enjoy dancing. Maybe it’ll help with their coordination, or lack-there-of.

After the show with Lucy and flowers

The weekend ended with a trip to Mammaw’s pool to hang out with the fam and soak up some rays. Snacks and drinks were aplenty and I think everyone had a great time. The girls got right back in the water and started swimming without much instruction or coaxing, like they have the last two years. They even got to a point where they wanted to give it a try without swimmies (I think because Read didn’t wear his) which means we have something to work towards this summer. It was quite the eventful weekend, but then again, every weekend with these two is an eventful one.


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