What was that?!

Optimus did it.

H&E- Nothing!!! (simultaneously)

The beauty of having twins is that they have always had a built in best friend. Even when they were babies/toddlers, they had a partner in crime to help occupy their time. I can imagine, that with only one kid, it becomes increasingly more difficult to entertain them all the time. It sounds more exhausting than twins actually. But, since my girls have always had a sibling their own age, they’re able to go off and play by themselves sometimes for hours at a time. If you’ve ever witnessed their imaginations at work, you’ll understand how.

What’s frightening though, is when they’re off “playing” and you hear a noise that you know isn’t good. The immediate thing to say is “What was that?” The answer is almost always the same, and almost always more frightening than the actual sound itself. “Nothing!”

“Nothing,” means something. Something they don’t want you to know about. It’s at this point where my childhood memories come rushing back, remembering all those times my brother and I would say “Nothing,” while frantically trying to figure out how to cover up whatever mess we’d just made. Knowing that feeling, you give them a second to collect themselves and see if they’ll come up with a creative excuse or story for how something magically became broken without either of them ever touching it.

Some things around my place are big-time “N0-No’s” to break. Computer. iPad. Phone. TV. As long as they don’t break those, I’m not going to be too mad about anything else. Most of the other stuff is their toys anyways. But what really gets to me is when they flat out lie about breaking something. I’ve told them, several times over, that I’d rather they be honest with me, because I’m less likely to get mad if they are. Of course this is a promise I was never sure if I could keep, but I never really imagined them testing me on it. I just assumed that they’d always want to pass the buck on to someone or something else in order not to take the blame.

Then came Saturday. The girls were playing in their room and I took the trash out. Before I could even throw the bag in the can, Hudson was at the door crying. I naturally assumed she’d fallen down the steps (again) and wanted me to comfort her new injury. Nope. She was crying because she had again decided it was a good idea to sit on the baby bunk bed and break it (again). The most amazing part is that she told me she actually did it. She said she was sorry. Shock started to set in, for me.

I think I was so surprised that she told the truth that I was actually way too proud of her to be even remotely angry. We wiped her tears away, fixed the bed and all was right with the world. I didn’t yell and was able to fully practice what I was preaching about not getting mad if they tell the truth. These two never cease to amaze me.


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