Lord Help Us

Monkeys at the Zoo, heading to the Beach

I’m not exactly sure if that headline is titled at our group as a whole, or if it’s more targeted at the adults going on our upcoming vacation. When the girls were at dance class one night, Dani and I were discussing the possibilities of going on vacation this year. In my head, taking the girls somewhere by myself sounded pretty awful. The idea of going on vacation by myself also sounded pretty awful. So, what I needed was someone to go on vacation with.

Enter Chris and Dani.

After a few drinks we’d decided on a trip to Florida with all the kiddos. The idea was that the 7 of us would trek it down to Mammaw’s place in Astatula, stay for a few days, with a trip to Disney World snuck in there, then head to New Smyrna beach for a few days before coming home. All we had to do was settle on the dates and we were set to go.

As that date vastly approaches, the idea is getting a little bigger and more real than I remembered that night. We’ve set ourselves up in a situation where the kids are outnumbering us, absolutely louder than us, and will most definitely test our patience in every way possible. But that’s what family vacations are right?

In all seriousness, I’m really looking forward to it. Scared to death, but absolutely looking forward to the cousins getting to play and bond with each other for a week. Playing, riding bikes, taking boat rides, and much more at Mammaw’s. Then there’s the trip to the castle of dreams for a kid, which I know all the girls are going to love. (they don’t really know yet, so if you see them before we leave, don’t mention it). Plus there’s going to be plenty of time for the parents to relax on the deck and enjoy some much needed time away from work and everyday life. Then there’s the beach and all the fun that provides.

It’s admittedly been too long since we’ve been on vacation, and while it does look to be a bit daunting of a task (which Tracey has so kindly reminded me), I think we’re all going to have so much to do, that like every other vacation, it’s going to be over before we know it. Let’s just hope our sanity comes back with us from this trip. Pray for us.


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