We’re Twins!

H-We’re gonna be twins today.
E-We’re gonna trick everyone! 


With Kindergarten literally right around the corner, the girls have taken things to a new, frightening level. They’re starting to understand their twin powers and are trying to use them for evil.

As I was getting ready for work last week, I could hear them downstairs whispering (plotting) and giggling. What made it weird was that getting dressed usually involves them either fighting over something, yelling for me to help them, or on very rare occasions, just getting ready and being good. Something felt different about this day and I would soon find out why.

As I walked down the steps, Elle poked her head out of her door and darted back into her room. As I got closer, I could hear them giggling and shushing each other. When I walked in the room they were dressed alike, or as close as they could for not actually having 2 of the same outfit. They proceeded to laugh and hug each other while telling me they were twins (which is funny) and that they were going to trick everyone (which is not). The first thought that went through my head (my first thought actually rhymes with “So fit,” but the first thought after that) was that these two are starting to understand their twin powers and not in a good way. They’re starting to use them in the way that everyone talks about when they say “I wish I had a twin.” Or in the way people tell you stories about how they knew twins in school that would switch and take tests for each other because one was better at math than the other.


Not understanding that the only way I will ever mix them up is if I’m in a hurry and accidentally say the wrong name, they tested their new game out on me first. They were a little disappointed to find out that I knew which one was which right away, so they asked me to pretend not to know them. After denying their request to play along, they decided to switch backpacks to ensure that people would be totally confused.

While I’m not sure how the rest of their day went as far as tricking people, I do think it’s pretty cute to see them embrace the idea that they can do some things that other people can’t, because they’re not like everyone else. We’ve worked hard to make sure that they have their own personalities and identities as individuals, but every once in a while it’s pretty fun to see them embrace it and have fun with it. I guess they’d better do it now, because in a week or so, they’ll be in different classes in kindergarten and “tricking” people won’t be as easy as it was when they were in the same class.




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