Last Day Before the First Day.

Last Day at Holy Trinity!
Me-Are you guys excited about your last day at Holy Trinity?
H-I just wanna stay in the baby room all day and play with them.
E-I wanna love on all my teachers…and friends…and eat our cupcakes.
H-Mmm cupcakes.

For the last month or so, when people ask me about how the girls are doing, I always seem to bring up the fact that they’re starting Kindergarten soon. Without a doubt I get asked if they are 1) Excited 2) Scared 3) If I’m going to cry. The answers are 1)Yes, super excited. 2) No, they’re super social and stoked to get a whole bunch of new friends. 3) No way.

Of course I scoff at the idea that I’ll be at all emotional about them starting school. They’ve been at Holy Trinity for daycare and preschool since they were 5 months old. This is no big deal. Right? Well, it wasn’t a big deal until last night when I started thinking, “Holy s**t, they’re starting kindergarten on Wednesday!”

They’re actually starting a new chapter in their lives, of which they’re super excited, but I didn’t think about how much I’m going to miss all the amazing, wonderful people at Holy Trinity. They’ve been such an amazing extended family that has been truly instrumental in the girls lives for the past 5 years. And we’re going to miss them a ton! (Although some of the teachers have said they’re going to come “kidnap” the girls cause they’ll miss them so much.) I truly can’t thank them all enough for loving the girls, keeping them in line, teaching them so much and generally being wonderful.

Dropping them off this morning was way harder than I thought it was going to be (thanks Mrs Joanne). With cupcakes in tow, they made their last morning rounds to each of the baby rooms to hug each of their teachers and say “Hi” to each kid in the daycare. When we finally made it to their room, I felt the dust level picking up, which has to be my excuse for my eyes watering. Hugs and some tears shed, and I’m walking down the hall of Holy Trinity for my last morning.

Through it all the girls were happy, excited and full of joy like they always were when we’d drop them off each day. Even knowing that they won’t be going back there every day, and that tomorrow they get to start a new chapter of their lives at a new school and a new daycare, they were smiling and laughing away. Thankfully, they don’t fully understand how much they’re going to miss Holy Trinity, but I sure will. I guess if I didn’t make it through today, then watching them ride off on the bus tomorrow is going to provide for another day of “dusty” conditions. My eyes are very sensitive to dust. Yeah…that’s it.


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