School isn’t just for the kids

First-day-of-school Smiles
Me-Who are you talking about?
E-She’s in my class.
Me-At Ft. Wright or Little Red?
E-Little Red.
H-She’s in my class at Ft. Wright.
Me-I need a spreadsheet. This is confusing.

A new school. A new daycare. New teachers. New friends. New routines. New everything.

For the last 5 years, the girls shared the same teacher and all the kids in their class, while there were lots of them, where pretty easy to keep track of. Now that they’re each have their own teacher in the morning at Ft. Wright Elementary, new friends in each class and then a group of other new friends (some of which carry over from kindergarten), I am completely lost.

Since the girls started school a couple of weeks ago, I feel like I’m in a constant state of confusion. There are a few things I have figured out. Hudson’s teacher Mrs. Durden has a U in her name like Hudson. Elle’s teacher Mrs. Derrick has an E in her name like Elle. That’s about it. Beyond that point, I have no idea who has gym class on what day, who all these new friends are, which ones go to which schools and generally feel lost. I think I might need to break out a giant board or a spreadsheet of some sort to keep it all organized.

They also have a homework packet they have to do each week, which is a scary reminder that I’m going to have to brush up on my basic math, english, science and history skills over the next couple of years. That or I’ll just look it up on the internet and seem really smart…cause i know everything. But seriously, homework for kindergardeners? Seems a bit much, but oh well.

While the girls have seemed to generally love both of their new schools and the fact that they are “big girls” riding the bus every day, they have been a little bit more out of control lately. Adjusting to a couple new environments, new teachers, new friends and a completely new schedule probably has them as mixed up as it does me. They’ve been acting out a bit, but hopefully we’ll all start getting adjusted and that will go away over time. If not, they’re going to be spending some quality time “grounded,” but I have a feeling we’ll all figure it out eventually. Fingers crossed.

Side note: Taking the girls to their first day of school and seeing them give each other hugs and tell each other “I love you. I’ll see you after school,” was one of the cutest and most fun things I’ve ever experienced. At that moment, all of my slight fears about them not liking being in separate classes and being “scared” to start school went away. It was a pretty amazing sight…and no I didn’t cry.


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