Excited to learn

Everyone looks smarter with glasses
Everyone looks smarter with glasses
E-The kid is a…
Me-That’s great baby!
E-Oh my gosh I’m so essited! I’m weading daddy! I’m weading!!!!


I’ve said it before, but I’ve always felt like the girls were way ahead of me in terms of how much they know at a certain age. When they were 3, I felt like they understood and said things that I didn’t know until I was 6. Once they made it to Preschool (age 3), they started tackling their alphabet and learning their numbers. I feel like I was just starting to do those things when I hit kindergarden. While I don’t remember much about being that age, I do feel like reading wasn’t something that came easy to me until after the first grade. The girls, on the other hand, are sounding out words, reading stories, counting to 100 (by ones and 10’s) and more. It’s pretty incredible.

While I have most certainly complained (a lot) about the amount of homework they bring home each week, I can’t help but be amazed by their progress. When it’s time to settle down for the night, I let the girls choose who’s bed we’re going to read in that night (usually Elle’s), we grab all the pillows we can find and make a “couch bed” for us to all chill in while we read. A few months ago, this would only involve them each picking out a book and having me read it to them before I tucked them in for the night. Now, they have “readers” that are reading level appropriate to the words they can sound out and know, and are actually reading the stories to me. I couldn’t help but lay there with the biggest smile on my face while they sounded out the words on each page. They were “weading!!!” And I was so excited for them.

At this point in their scholastic careers, they are very much into learning, doing homework and improving every day. We spent one night this week completely devoted to doing homework and not by my choice either. They were both so excited to get their homework done that night, that I couldn’t get them to break away from it. “One more page daddy,” was heard from Hudson, I don’t know how many times. Elle, did somewhere in the range of 45 math problems and asked if she could do more. It’s really fun to watch this process of them learning and growing their minds. When they’re little, you get to see all these grand milestones like crawling, walking, talking, and seeing their personalities develop. Not that there aren’t great milestones after that, but not many of them have been this exciting. Well to me anyways.

I love that they love to learn and I hope they stick with it, because sending two kids to college at the same time isn’t something I’m looking forward to paying for.


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