A visit from the tooth fairy

Something is missing from this picture
Something is missing from this picture
H- Daddy! I lost my tooth!
Me – Oh my goodness baby! That’s great!
H – Yeah, I just wiggled it and it came out. It didn’t hurt or nothin!


I feel like more times that not, this blog has become a platform for me to admit my greatest fears and parenting concerns/shortcomings. This post won’t be much different.

As a kid, I absolutely hated losing my teeth. It felt weird and no matter how many teeth I’d lost before that, for some reason I always feared that this next one would hurt really bad. Plus, all that blood…(throws up in mouth a little). So, when Hudson started wiggling her front tooth a couple of weeks ago, not only did I not believe her, but I wasn’t ready for it myself. The thought of having to pull her tooth out made my stomach turn a little and secretly hope she’d be at mommy’s house when it happened. (Sorry Trace)

First I’ll address the issue that I didn’t initially believe her when she said her tooth was loose. Isn’t 5 years old too young to be losing teeth? Clearly it happens, but I think the initial shock of my little baby losing a tooth was too much for me to believe. Part of me thinks she’s still that little baby in the crib (at least she didn’t talk as much then) and part of me finds it hard to comprehend a 5 year old being ready for adult teeth. Are they going to look funny in her head? Are kids maturing at a quicker rate than when I was that age? Maybe it was just my overall apprehension towards losing teeth that kept them in my head so long, but I feel like I was at least a couple years older before I lost my first one. But I digress.

The next part of the journey involves actually having to pull out the tooth myself. Could I do it? Could I tie a string to it and the other end to a door and slam the door? Could I handle the blood? Luckily I didn’t have to worry about that, for this tooth anyways. She wiggled that little guy out while at Mommy’s and I couldn’t have been happier. According to her it was “no big deal,” and she was just excited/scared for a gift from the Tooth Fairy under her pillow.

After we had a brief discussion about the going rate of a tooth these days and size of the Tooth Fairy (human size vs. tinkerbell size), Mommy took over from there. She added some fairy dust to the dollar, so when Hudson woke up, she had currency that was clearly left by the Princess of Enamel herself.

Overall it was a pretty painless process for all of us involved and pretty exciting to head into the next chapter of her “big kid” life. Hudson was super pumped and it left Elle obviously wiggling all of her teeth daily in hopes that she’ll soon get a sparkly dollar left under her pillow. 1 down. 39 baby teeth to go.






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