It’s like pulling teeth

It didn't even hurt!
It didn’t even hurt!
E – That turned into a pretty good night.
Me – Yeah that’s not how I thought it was going to go after dinner.
E – Yeah…first you’re mad at me and then we’re all happy cause you pulled my tooth.
Me – It was quite a turn of events, but I’m proud of you.
E – I’m proud of us!


Whenever I start to write a blog post I usually have to read back through my archives to make sure I haven’t written anything similar before. Sometimes a thought hits me, I sit down to write and quickly realize why it seemed like such a good idea…because I’d already written it. Well, in this case I don’t have to go back too far…just two posts…to know that I’d just written about Hudson losing her first tooth. This one was completely different though, and not just because it’s a different kid, so it warrants it’s own story.

Shortly after Hudson had lost her first tooth, Elle’s front chiclet started to wiggle. She was so excited, yet somehow apprehensive about losing the tooth, which I think kept her from wiggling it enough to come out any time in the near future. Fast forward 3+ weeks and the tooth is still in there and not much closer to coming out than it was in the first day. Fast forward a week and Elle didn’t have much of a choice. The tooth below was coming in and that baby one was coming out. We were sitting on the couch watching tv, when she showed me how far it moves and I about lost it (see previous post about loose teeth making me queasy). It was down to her lip, and clearly, that bad boy was ready to come out.

There was only one thing to do, and I wasn’t sure if I could do it. I had to pull this tooth out.

But first, I tried to see if she could do it herself. Apparently that’s how Hudson’s came out and if I could get away with her doing it herself, then I was happy to oblige her in that area of personal accomplishment. She gave it a couple half-efforts and finally I asked her if I could just do it. She was hesitant. I was hesitant. Together, we didn’t want to do this, but after some coaxing (her out loud and me in my head) we gave it a pull. It was a miss and she immediately began to question whether or not to do it. The second try was equally unsuccessful, with her pulling away and me never really getting a grip on the tooth.

We took a breather, and after a promise that it would come out this time, I reached in, grabbed the tooth and with one straight-up pull, it came out. She wasn’t sure I did it. I wasn’t sure I did it. Annie couldn’t tell. Hudson was dead asleep on the couch so she didn’t care. But there it was…a tiny little tooth between my fingers and a healthy amount of blood starting to trickle out from where Elle’s first loose tooth once was. As she bit down on a tissue to stop the bleeding, she held her tooth and shook her sister to wake up and see what had happened. Although half asleep still, her sissy was pretty excited for her and told her good job. I just love when they encourage each other. It’s so sweet.

It was done. Elle was on her way to filling her face with adult teeth. Hudson was hazily proud. I conquered my fear (only for that minute) of pulling out a tooth. And it was all a whole lot smoother than sitting through dinner earlier. Somehow a tiny little tooth managed to make us conquer our fears and smile at the end of the day, albeit a toothless smile for Elle.

Oh, and the tooth fairy delivered a sparkly, fairy dust covered dollar to Elle over night. Although she was scared and slept in my bed, just in case the tooth fairy wasn’t nice. I guess we’ve got some more fears to get over now.






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