Well S-h-!-t!

E – …and you said the S-word. Me – What? No I didn’t say the S-word. E – Yes you did. You said it. Me – When? E – You said that was Stupid. Me – Ohhhhh that S-word. Yeah…sorry I said that. E – You should be sorry daddy. Every parent wants their kid […]

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Birthday Party Crashers

  Me – But you promised me that you’d stay 5 forever! E – I’m really sorry dad, I’m growing up and I can’t stop it. Me – But you promised. E – Don’t cry daddy, it’ll be ok. Me – I’m not crying, I just want you to stay little. E – I’m still […]

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Sibling Rivalry

Me-Are you playing ‘Slap Jacks’ against yourself? H-Yeah, Elle won’t play with me. Me-Ah…so are you winning? H-Yeah I’m crushing this game I knew it was coming. I’ve seen signs of it building for the last couple of years. There have been hints here and there along the way that have led me to believe […]

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