Birthday Party Crashers

My girls are 6! Make a wish!
My girls are 6! Make a wish!


Me – But you promised me that you’d stay 5 forever!
E – I’m really sorry dad, I’m growing up and I can’t stop it.
Me – But you promised.
E – Don’t cry daddy, it’ll be ok.
Me – I’m not crying, I just want you to stay little.
E – I’m still little. I’m just older.
Me – Fair enough.


For the past 5 years we’ve tried to do the girls birthday party with friends and family at the house, praying for good weather so everyone could sit outside, the kids could play in the yard and fun would be had by all. For 5 years, without fail, the weather turned for the worse on party day, leaving us scrambling inside, crowded and struggling for space for everyone that would come to celebrate the girls’ big day. This year, we decided to do things a little differently. We planned the party inside.

The weather wasn’t the only driving force for this decision. The girls started kindergarten this year and have acquired a pretty decent number of friends (If this surprises anyone, then you definitely haven’t met my overly-social little humans). So instead of taking our chances with the weather and ultimately having a crazy party at Tracey’s house,  we decided that a “kids” party at Jump Zone would be the event this year. Plus, it was indoors, so no fear of a rainout. Invitations went out to friends at school, cousins and family friends to gather for a couple hours of unbridled craziness in bouncy houses and were followed by a decent number of RSVPs. The girls would tell me that basically everyone they invited was coming, besides a couple of kids, which had me thinking we might have to pay more than the 15 we’d originally planned. When all was said and done, there were 14 kids in attendance. Or so I thought.

In an effort to make sure no kids were left behind at the end of play time on the bouncy houses, since some of the parents dropped off their kids and didn’t stay the whole time, I started a list. The count was indeed 14 kids, so as we were setting up for cupcakes, ice cream and drinks, that’s the number we planned for. Over the loud speaker, they called for Hudson and Elle’s birthday party guests to gather around the fire truck for photos and then head to the room for cake. We took pictures and moved to get the kids settled. The number was coming up short for some reason though. We handed out some more cupcakes, drinks and ice cream cups and sang happy birthday. The girls each blew out their candles and everyone was happy. Tracey even went around the room, in an effort to meet some of the kids we’ve only heard stories about from school, and asked all the kids their names. A few minutes later, a very apologetic mother comes in, scooping up two of her kids that were “in the wrong room,” as they polished off one last bite of their cupcake and sucked own their Capri Sun.

We all had a good laugh at the “Party Crashers” and continued on with the fun. Two minutes later, another apologetic mom scoots in and plucks her child up who was also crashing our party. 3 sneaky little kids managed to make their way into the party, fill up on drinks, amazing cupcakes and ice cream, all without any of us knowing. The funny thing is, all of these strangers were sitting right next to my girls and they didn’t say anything about not knowing who the kids were sitting next to them. But they all had sweets…so who cares right? It’s a party.

The party wrapped up after that and I think everyone had a good time. The kids all looked worn out and the parents were happy that their kids would probably crash early that night. Unless they massive amounts of sugar coursing through their veins kept them up. The girls had a great time, even welcoming in some new friends they didn’t know to join the party, or at least to not call them out for being crashers. I guess that speaks to the social aspect of the girls. Everyone is welcome around them, especially at their party. I can’t wait to head back to Jump Zone and send the girls into some parties to get free cake and ice cream. They’ll be the kid version of ‘Wedding Crashers.’

Who knew they sold trick candles at Kroger?
Who knew they sold trick candles at Kroger?


Waiting to add Cupcake and Sparkly to their new homes
Waiting to add Cupcake and Sparkly to their new homes


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