Where did this school year go?

First-day-of-school Smiles
First-day-of-school Smiles
E – I don’t want to go to first grade.
Me – Why not?
E – I’m gonna miss my friends.
Me – Oh, you mean this summer?
E – No, in first grade. I’ll be with the first graders.
Me – Uh…I’m pretty sure your friends will be in 1st grade too.
E – Oh. Ok. Yay first grade!

I’m trying to avoid being sappy and cliche here, but wasn’t it just last week that I was watching them ride away on the bus for the first time? Where the hell did this school year go? To be honest, I’m not going to miss the two hours of homework every night and all the wonderful frustrations that come along with that (see: Acting Stupid is not Cute). But it’s pretty crazy and scary that this school year is already coming to an end.

I can say, without a doubt, that the girls have absolutely loved kindergarten. From being separated in classes for the first time in their lives, to all the new friends, to their teachers, to riding the bus, it seems like they’ve had an absolute blast this year. I’ve enjoyed watching them learn and grow throughout the year. It has definitely been a banner first year of school for them and one I won’t soon forget (because I’m going to write it down).

Here’s a list of some of the bigger things that have happened throughout kindergarten:

Learning how to read, write and do math
Being separated in different classes
Riding the school bus
Having a kid birthday party with kids from school
School Festivals
Losing Teeth
Taking off their training wheels (kind of)

And the list could go on…

Along with the idea of moving on to the first grade, they’ll also get to experience and enjoy their first summer vacation away from school. While they’ll be spending most days at Little Red Schoolhouse, they’ll still have the opportunity to go swimming with their cousins, take a few little trips and enjoy all the greatness summer break has to offer. And I’m looking forward to not having to rush like crazy to make sure they catch the bus every morning.

It’s funny to look at summertime now and realize how short it actually is. I used to feel like it was 6 months long and you were away from school forever. Then when you’re in school, it somehow seems like it never ends. The anticipation for summer break left you salivating. Pool time. Playing in the woods. Working on the farm (well that part wasn’t fun, but it was a part of summer). Going on vacations. It was a glorious, golden time and the girls will soon get their first real taste of it.

I know I’ve complained a lot about how much homework they had and how hard it was, but it really has been a fun year now that I look back on it. I hope the girls get to enjoy their time off from school as much as I’m going to enjoy them being out of it. Now it’s time to hit the pool, ride bikes and have fun. Before we know it, that yellow bus is going to be pulling up to whisk them off to first grade, and start it all over again.


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