Summer Fun!

Ready to Rock at Bunbury!
Ready to Rock at Bunbury!


Me – This has been a pretty great summer so far.
E – Yeah, we’ve done a lot and it’s not even over.
H – What else are we gonna do?
Me – I don’t know…what are you thinking?
H – We should go on another vacation or maybe just go swimming.
Me – Swimming it is!


I remember summer break, as a kid, feeling like it lasted for half of the year although it was probably only 3 months like it is now. But it felt longer. School was out. No homework. Vacations. Playing sports. Working on the farm. I remember feeling like it was the best time of the year, and when it came to an end, things just got a little less exciting. Now that we’re winding down on the girls’ first official summer vacation, I can’t help but feel a little bit of sadness that we won’t get to have the freedom we’re enjoying during the summer.

Without homework to bog down our nights, I feel like we’ve been able to have so much more fun. Riding bikes. Going to the pool. Staying up late to watch a movie. It seems like it’s been a vacation for me as well, getting to enjoy my time with them and not be stressed out over school stuff. Who knew school stressed out parents this much?

Overall, my goal this summer has been to make sure the girls get to have as much fun as they possibly can. Last year was a biggie, with a trip to Disney World and the Beach. I knew it’d be hard to top, but possible. Here are a few of the highlights in no particular order:

Trip to Canaan, WV – We headed to the beautiful mountainous area where Annie’s family has a house and hosts and annual golf tournament on Father’s Day weekend. The car ride there was actually pretty great. The girls got to meet, know and become best friends with every person in Annie’s family. They were the only kids there, but they didn’t let that slow them down. They kept everyone entertained and amazed at their social nature. We all had a blast, the girls fished, rode bikes, played games and had a great time.

Elle's big catch
Elle’s big catch

Trip to St. Louis, Mo. – While I don’t know all the specifics of the trip because they went with Tracey and her mom, I gathered from the pictures that they had a great time visiting with their cousins, aunts and uncles. They went on a family canoe trip that looked like a blast. Visited some of their grandparents’ old stomping grounds and generally looked to have a great time.

Family Canoe trip. Huds took a dip.
Family Canoe trip. Huds took a dip.

Riding Bikes – The well chronicled success of riding without training wheels can be found in previous blog posts. Probably the previous 6 or so.

Swimming – Take those swimmies off was the goal of the summer. While the weather has been cooler, we’ve gotten out to the pool enough times to get their gills wet. It’s heating up now, so maybe some more trips to the pool are in the forecast.

Music Festival – For the second year in a row the girls made it to the Bunbury Music Festival here in Cincy and enjoyed every second of it (except maybe the walk home). They played in the fountains, danced on shoulders and even made an appearance on the news. (photo above)

Cousin Time – I’ve started referring to the them as the triplets because Huds, Elle and Lucy have spent so much time together this summer. Every time they spend the night and you go to pick them up, the question arises, “can Lucy come with us for the day…and spend the night?” Sure, why not, it’s summer.

The Triplets
The Triplets

Reds Game – They beg every time we pass the stadium…which is almost every day since I live in walking distance of it. But we made it out to a game to catch the Reds play and to get some Cotton Candy, Peanuts, drinks and anything else they could talk me into getting them.


Whew! That’s a lot. Writing it all out really does put in perspective how much we’ve done this summer. There’s been a lot more, but there’s no way I can remember it all. And we still have a month left before school starts. I wish summer would never end!




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