That’s fair.

Carnie Fun!
Carnie Fun!
Me – What was your favorite part of the day?
E – The fair of course.
Me – Well I’m glad you guys liked it.
E – Can we go tomorrow?
Me – No.
E – I’ll pay with my money.
Me – No. You don’t have enough in your piggy bank.
E – Oh, can you pay then?
Me – ….

What was going to be a long, anger-filled diatribe about how much I absolutely despise the Boone County Fair, somehow took a turn for me after being reminded that the fair isn’t for me. It’s for the kids (thanks mom and dad). While I don’t enjoy going to the fair and the cost of getting in, the cost of food, the cost of games and the overwhelming fear of any ride that can be set up in one day, the kids love it. They love the games. They love the horrible, cheap prizes. They love the rides that spin you around until you puke. Kids love the fair.

Admittedly, we might have taken the wrong approach this year, spending a little too much time at the Ms. Boone County Pageant watching our beautiful cousin Kasey compete (no offense Kase), while we should have been taking advantage of all the spinning rides, the can’t lose games and fried (insert any food item here). While the line for the ferris wheel might have been a bit long, Uncle Chris navigated it well and gave Lucy and Huds an opportunity to see the fair from a whole new angle. Elle and Read were never happier throughout the night than when they were running from games to rides to funhouses to…well…anywhere that didn’t require sitting down. They had the most fun when we were moving and doing stuff which at the time seemed exhausting, but was exactly what they should have been doing the whole time.

One of the things I appreciate from the girls the most is their unknowing ability to completely humble me. My initial reaction to the night was that it was a completely horrible experience…for me. For them it was a night spent with their cousins, their aunts, their grandparents and a few thousand strangers all out to have some good carnie fun.  So while I publicly swore off ever going back to the fair again, I’m forced to reconsider my decision and as usual, swallow my pride and admit it was a pretty fun night at the fair. The next time we go (yep I said it), I just have to remember, the fair isn’t for me. It’s for them.

Cheering on Kasey!
Cheering on Kasey!
Uncle Chris takes the girls for a ride on the ferris wheel
Uncle Chris takes the girls for a ride on the ferris wheel


who doesn't want to win a huge bouncy ball?
who doesn’t want to win a huge bouncy ball?



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