Like Kids in a Candy Store

Me – How many times have you guys gotten ice cream at lunch?
H- 3 times…but one time was free.
E – 2, no 3 times.
Me – I told you only on the first day.
H – But it was free. Well, the one time. The other times you paid for it.
Me – Um yeah…stop it!

Summer vacation is officially over and I feel like I’m as sad about it as the girls are (ok, maybe more). No more staying up late. Homework every night after dinner. Reading time. Showers every night. Catching the bus. Not hitting snooze on the alarm. School sucks! I want summer back!

Luckily for me, the girls aren’t taking it as hard as I am. They’re starting to get back into their routine. Getting up, eating breakfast and then catching the bus. Only this year, they have to go to school for the whole day. They weren’t pumped about the idea, but I think getting recess has them sold on it now. That, and they’ve joined forces with their old buddies from kindergarten and started to make new friends with the kids who weren’t in their classes last year.

Speaking of getting back into the swing of things, the girls have picked right back up where they left off last year, spending massive amounts of money in the cafeteria. I told them last year and then at the beginning of this year that they can’t buy ice cream, extra bottles of water and breakfast at school. The first two for obvious reasons, the latter because they eat breakfast at home every day. Of course they did admit to getting ice cream more than they were supposed to in the first 5 days of school, but I was shocked to find most of their money for the month has already been spent. Upon further review, ice cream wasn’t the only thing they’ve been indulging in. Elle had bought breakfast every day and Huds was getting mini bottles of water for 75 cents a pop because she likes carrying them back to class. I was furious.

I was angry at the girls for ignoring my orders to steer clear of the junk food and extra stuff, but I was even more furious at a school for allowing 6-year olds to have the choice to buy ice cream at lunch. I mean, didn’t Michelle Obama institute a Healthy Food in Schools Program? How could this possibly fit into that? And who gives kids the option to eat ice cream every day? It’s asinine! 6-year olds don’t understand the concept of money, much less how to budge their finances, spend properly and ultimately avoid temptation. I don’t blame them, I’d go for the ice cream too if they gave me a chance. Who wouldn’t?

After a scathing email to the cafeteria director, the problem is sorted. Apparently a written note was supposed to be sent to say what the kids can and cannot buy. Easy enough. But why is this an option? Why would they ever give kids the choice? Ever? I know we never got ice cream in elementary school unless it was an ice cream party. And why are they selling mini bottled water to kids? I won’t even go into how stupid this idea is. It’s called a water fountain.

Anyways, the situation is sorted, and now the only thing I’ll have to worry about is making sure their homework is getting done, they’re reading lots, they’re clean for school, they wear gym shoes, they get plenty of sleep, a healthy breakfast and that I get them to school on time. Damn I miss summer.

First day of school posing with dad
First day of school posing with dad
So essited for 1st grade!
So essited for 1st grade!

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