Who knew they even liked each other?

Me- What happened with Gracie today at school? Her mom called and said she was crying because of you.
E- I told her I don’t like her and Hudson wasn’t going to be her friend anymore.
Me-Why would you tell her that?
E-Cause she’s taking my Hudson from me.
Me-(holding back laughter)…Ohhh…and so it begins.


I seriously wonder if sometimes if these two are capable of fighting with each other in their dreams, because that would cover the only time during the day when I’m sure they’re not at each other’s throats. I know it’s to be expected from twins and twin girls at that, but I guess I never anticipated how tough it was going to be.

Of course they love each other and do have times where they’re very sweet to each other and get along, but those times always seemed to be outshone by a giant fight of some sort. They are both fiercely independent and like to be the leader, which causes a pretty big clash in personalities. It’s just part of the reason why we chose to have them be separated in school. To give them some time apart from each other to develop their own personalities, make their own friends and become their own person.

To this point, they’ve done a great job of managing their independence and their individual as well as shared friends. That is, until a call came in the other day from a mom at school who’s daughter came home crying. Apparently Elle had told this little girl (who happens to be friends with Hudson and in her class) that she didn’t like her and that she wasn’t allowed to be friends with her sister (Hudson) anymore. Clearly…the girl didn’t take too kindly to this and headed home for a good cry.

When Tracey informed me of the situation, I was on my way to pick Elle up from Little Red. I asked Elle, as calmly as possibly could in order to keep her from getting defensive. Much to my surprise, she was direct, non-defensive and pretty matter of fact. “She’s taking my hudson from me.”

Her explanation for her behavior was rooted in jealousy. She was jealous that her sister’s time was taken by someone besides herself and she didn’t like it. It made me smile so big. Don’t get me wrong. I made her go directly home and to write an apology letter to the little friend as soon as she got home, but c’mon, that answer is pretty funny and cute.

Even if the sweetness only lasted until Hudson got healthy after strep throat. Or, even if she was just playing me, which she’s totally capable of doing by the way, I couldn’t have asked for a better answer out of her. If she’d made up some excuse, I would have likely been mad at her. Her honesty, no matter how well prepared of an answer it might have been, was refreshing and sweet. Something I wasn’t sure they were capable of doing with each other any more.


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