That Is One Pouty Lip


Me – You stick that lip out and a bird’s going to poop on it.
E – (pouts lip out further)
Annie – That actually did happen to daddy this summer.
Me – Oh my god it did!


When I was a little kid I was fully capable of pulling off some serious pouting fits. I know, I know, it’s hard to believe. But, I could be a little stinker when I wanted to be. The funny thing is, no matter how mad or pouty I was, my Mammaw was able to shake me out of it by getting me to laugh. Her “go-to” line was “If you stick that lip out a little further, maybe a bird will come up here and land on it and poop on your lip.”

I have no idea why that would be a thing, or where it started, or why it’s even that funny to me, but it got me every time. Maybe it’s the absurdity of that ever happening, or the silliness of the thought. Either way, I couldn’t help but laugh. Even trying my hardest to maintain my pouty lip, I’d be smiling. Obviously, since this has given me so much joy over the years I stole it from my Mammaw and have used it dozens of times on the girls to get them to laugh when they’re trying to be pouty. And it works every time.

We were sitting on the couch the other night and Elle stuck her lip out for some reason. I don’t even think she was really pouting, but I went to my “go-to” line and it of course made her laugh. At the same time Annie made a brilliant observation, that my pouty lip actually did get pooped on by a bird.

While trying to hang some lights and breaking a few in the process, I’d about had it. It was at the point that I was maddest, that a bird pooped on me. A bird literally pooped on my lip. All the years of that joke being used and I never thought it was feasible for it to really happen. And of course it did.

We shared that story with the girls and they of course thought it was funny. I’m just hoping they realize that if they keep that pouty lip out there, that a bird really can poop on it. I doubt it, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed.



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