What a great winter…wait it’s not over? Eff!


H – When can we play outside and ride our scooters again?
Me – I don’t know. Maybe never.
H – We played outside Saturday cause it was so warm…wait…never?
Me – I’m just kidding. (Under my breath) I hope.


Don’t get me wrong, in terms of a fun, snow-filled winter, this has been it. The winter vortex and all of it’s crazy coldness have kept us mostly inside, but at least we’ve had the chance to get in several sled riding trips this year thanks to the snow it’s delivered. Compare that to last year, where we were barely able to get out one time, this year has been pretty fun.

I’ve always said that if it’s going to be cold out, there might as well be snow on the ground. Snow is fun. Who doesn’t love making snow angels, sled riding or packing the perfect snowball to hit someone unexpectedly? It’s one of the few times we’re able to act like children and get away with it.

Admittedly the girls have it a little better than I did when it comes to sled riding. Now this may seem like a “back in my day” type of story, but it’s actually just a statement of fact/jealousy that my dad has two 4 wheelers to haul the kids back up to the top of the hill after they make a run on their sleds or inter tubes. The best part is that it keeps them outside and enjoying the snow for at least twice as long because they don’t get worn out walking up and down the hill. I feel like they’ve exponentially trumped me in attempts per session based on this glorious ATV that wasn’t around when I was younger.

With that being said, I’m about done with this weather. I’m ready to replace the sled rides with bike rides. Trade the bitter temps for the warmth of spring. We were teased a bit last week, and now we’re back to the cold and for some reason, this year it seems like that tease was even more tempting than ever. But at least the girls have had a chance to fully use their snow gear, break in the inter tubes they got for Christmas and make good use of their 4-wheeled ski lift. I’m sure in a couple months I’ll be complaining about how hot it is, but until then, here comes more winter vortex.


Barely gets on!

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Elle goes head first!

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