Spring Break ’14 (part II)


E – I can’t wait to get to Florida!
Me – Oh yeah…why?
E – I’m going to meet a new friend and then say “hey you’re going to be my new best friend.”
Me – That’d be a shocker.
E – Yeah I know, right?


(In case you missed the first part, it can be found here)

The best part about our flight was that it was early enough in the morning that when we landed, and Annie picked us up, that we still had the entire day to enjoy being in Florida. Annie, who was already in Naples for 10 days, thanks to a conference in Orlando and her flexible schedule, was waiting excitedly for us when we landed. Their first plane ride was followed that up with (what I think is) their first ride in a convertible.

We made it back to the condo (thanks again Pat and Marijo!), lathered on the sunscreen and headed for the beach. It was a bit windy, but fun and there were no signs of the freezing cold weather we’d left at home.

Buried Alive
Buried Alive
Adult Time
Adult Time

After the beach we headed home to grab some lunch and hit the pool where the girls would meet Kyla. I guess Elle was right, cause she found her new best friend. The pool is where we’d end up spending most of our time for the rest of the week. It was the closest, had food, booze and of course the girls’ new friend(s) to play with.

Swimming with their new best friend Kyla
Swimming with their new best friend Kyla

There was one day that wasn’t all that great weather-wise, which was fortunate because the girls had managed to take in a little too much sun on the first couple of days and their burnt cheeks needed a bit of a reprieve from the sun. We did manage to make it to the pool for a bit, but spent most of the day inside being pampered by Annie and her spa experience (in hindsight I should have gotten one of these).


Getting the Spa Treatment
Getting the Spa Treatment

Besides getting to crush some delicious crab legs, enjoy the perfect weather and generally relax, my favorite part of our trip was getting to play putt putt. We’d promised the girls way in advance that we’d play one night and they asked daily (if not hourly) when we’d get to go. The girls had never played before so I assumed it was going to be quite a show and possibly a frustrating show at that. I wasn’t far off in my prediction, but it ultimately got better as we went along. I hit a hole in one early. Annie hit one shortly after. And Elle even got in on the action…


Elle's Weird Hole in One Celebration
Elle’s Weird Hole in One Celebration

…and of course Hudson didn’t hit one. So she was trying her hardest and really trying to force the issue, getting more and more frustrating (annoying to me) as she went. Until we made it to the 17th hole. After missing her first shot by an inch, we gave Huds a mulligan to start over. Her ball swirled around the hole and creeped toward the cup until it finally dropped and we all jumped and cheered like she’d just brought home the green jacket. We were all excited that everyone in the group had their  hole-in-one and we moved on to the final hole. Huds goes first and knocks hers down the hill, it bounces off the wall and goes strait in the cup. We jumped and screamed wildly again. This time she did it with no help. Elle followed suit and Annie used a couple mulligans to get hers in one shot. I finished up the round and we all walked out of there glowing (not just because of our sunburn) because we’d had such a great time thanks to our awesome string of hole-in-ones.

Lots of Great Shots
Lots of Great Shots

We wrapped up the week with more crab legs and pool time. We packed up our stuff, longing for one more day, but felt good about how much fun we’d packed into those days. For the trip home, luckily I had Annie with me to navigate the connecting flight in Atlanta and to sit with the girls on the second leg into Cincy.

Overall the flights went smoothly and the vacation was a great success.  I can’t wait to do it again, but next time we’ll just have to make sure we do better about the sunscreen on their cheeks.



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