Sour Patch Kid

If there is one thing that stood out about Rooney as a baby, it has to be her giant smile. It was one thing for her to smile around us and our family, but she would flash that million-dollar cheese to everyone. Neighbors, friends and random people at restaurants were constantly commenting on how much she’d show off that huge gummy grin. To be honest, I’ve never seen a baby smile as much as she did (and still does). I could probably scroll back through the 20,000+ photos that were taken of her in her first year of life and most of them would be filled with a smile.

The best part is, that smile carried over into her personality. She was the sweetest, happiest and most fun baby around. As she started to add some teeth to the grin, she also started to add some more “personality” traits. Our happy, fun, smiling, sleep-all-night baby was turning into a toddler with some ‘tude.

You see, when this little angel doesn’t seem to get her way, she instantly reverts to a tantrum phase the likes of which can only make you laugh…and somewhat scared. The smile turns to a pout, scream, or crying. She hits, scratches and throws things. When you put her down (to tend to your new wounds), the fit goes into overdrive. She throws herself on the floor, kicking and screaming like…well…a toddler.

Don’t get me wrong, we have a good laugh at her, but we also don’t love that she gets that crazy over what is usually nothing. The bad part is her hitting or scratching. The so-adorable-i-can’t-possibly-be-mad part is staying mad at her. Because, if she’s not in too big of a fit, her first reaction to your, “OUCH!” is an instant hug. It’s like a fast and hard hug. It’s almost as if she’s saying “I’m so sorry,” with a hug. It’s the sweetest thing ever, and all you can do is just hug her back.

Of course this is a phase, like the hundreds, and hundreds of phases that are to come, so I know it will pass. But unlike some of the other ones, this one comes with a nickname. Sour Patch Kid. First she’s sour. Then she’s sweet.



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