Say My Name!

Well before Rooney graced our world with her beautiful smiling face, I had dreams and visions about how she would interact with her older sisters. I knew, without a doubt, that they would completely eat her up and be obsessed with her – and I wasn’t wrong. But, what intrigued me, as much as wanting to know what she would look like, was how would she be with them? How would she interact? What would she call them?

From day one, she’s been completely enamored with her sissies. The second she could move and crawl on her own, she was chasing them down. Screaming up the stairs when they’d leave her, or if she just couldn’t keep up. Every morning when she’d wake up, she’d point upstairs and say, “thissies!” Of course it was like 6am, so we had to go downstairs and patiently wait for it to be time to wake them up. The second I’d say, “you wanna go wake sissies?” she was lunging towards them. She’d make me carry her or turn and take off running towards their room. I’d carry her excitedly upstairs, she’d be squealing with excitement, which usually ruined the surprise hugs she was about to pounce on them with.

For a while, she just referred to them as “thissies,” but since she only had 4 other words in her arsenal, it wasn’t bad that she was able to get that one down. She definitely knew the difference between them from a very early age. You would ask her to point to Hudson, either in person, or in a picture and she’d point right to her. Ask her to point to Elle and she would nail it every time. It was pretty incredible that she could tell them apart at such a young age, especially when the girls have had teachers that couldn’t tell them apart after a year of having them in class.

Once she started to work a few more words into her vocabulary, like mommy (that might be it’s own story), she started to say to say “Eyuw” (Elle). It was a little funny to me, because for several months, Rooney had been playing favorites with Hudson and completely shutting out Elle. It was tough to watch, but Elle never let it hurt her feelings and I knew at some point Rooney would come around. Fast forward a few months and it was just as I thought, she had come around and she was saying her name all the time. So much so, in fact, she was using it for Hudson’s name as well.

I’d be sitting with the three of them and say, “Rooney, where’s Elle?” She’d point to Elle and laugh. I’d say, “Rooney, where’s Hudson?” She points to Huds and laughs. I point to Elle and say, “what’s her name?” Rooney says, “Eyuw.” I point to Hudson and say, “what’s her name?” Rooney says, “Eyuw.” Hudson shakes her head every time and bites her lip. It is the funniest and saddest thing ever.

She will not say Hudson, no matter what we try.

She’s learning new words and saying new names every day, and never is it Hudson. At this point I think she’s doing it out of spite. Annie disagrees, but I can see it in her eye, that kid knows…she’s just doing it to mess with us. Especially Hudson. But just like when she started saying “MOMMY!” she will most certainly start saying “Huds.” And she will say it one million times a day. Until then. She’s just “Eyuw.”



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