Spring Break ’14 (part II)

  E – I can’t wait to get to Florida! Me – Oh yeah…why? E – I’m going to meet a new friend and then say “hey you’re going to be my new best friend.” Me – That’d be a shocker. E – Yeah I know, right?   (In case you missed the first part, it can […]

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First in Flight

  H- We are above the clouds! Me – I know buddy. Did you think you’d ever be up here? H – Oh it’s like a dream FINALLY come true.  Me – Oh that’s awesome.  H – A dream I had for a very, very, very, long time. Me – Ooooook I see where you’re going with […]

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That Is One Pouty Lip

  Me – You stick that lip out and a bird’s going to poop on it. E – (pouts lip out further) Annie – That actually did happen to daddy this summer. Me – Oh my god it did!   When I was a little kid I was fully capable of pulling off some serious […]

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Having “A Moment”

  H-I had a moment today. Me-Oh you did. What happened? H-Yeah, just got really upset at Elle and needed to cry. Me-Did you get it out of your system? H-Yeah, as long as Elle behaves herself. E-Oh geez.    Since the girls are two completely different emotional beings and handle things completely different in […]

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The best first UK game ever.

Me – Did you guys have fun? H – Yeah that was awesome! E – My friends are going to be so jealous!   By default, the girls are Kentucky basketball fans. They didn’t have a choice. There are certain things they’ll have the freedom to choose, but this isn’t one of them. Fortunately, they’ve […]

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