School isn’t just for the kids

Me-Who are you talking about? E-She’s in my class. Me-At Ft. Wright or Little Red? E-Little Red. H-She’s in my class at Ft. Wright. Me-I need a spreadsheet. This is confusing. A new school. A new daycare. New teachers. New friends. New routines. New everything. For the last 5 years, the girls shared the same […]

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It stops here!

Me-I don’t want you to grow up. E-Dad, we have to turn 5. I’m sowwy. Me-I know. E-But I don’t want to get any older than that. So, I’ll just stay 5 for you forever. Ok? Me-Sounds good.  While they’ve been eagerly anticipating not only their 5th birthday, but also the day they get to […]

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