Birthday Party Crashers

  Me – But you promised me that you’d stay 5 forever! E – I’m really sorry dad, I’m growing up and I can’t stop it. Me – But you promised. E – Don’t cry daddy, it’ll be ok. Me – I’m not crying, I just want you to stay little. E – I’m still […]

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The Excitement is Building

  H-Turn on the Cwistmas lights daddy! Me-Ok, ok, hold on…there you go… H-Oh those are so beautiful daddy. I’ve never seen them before. Me-They’ve been up for a week. H-I’ve never seen them today. They’re beautiful.   We’re rounding the corner and heading for home on what will be the 5th Christmas with the […]

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Who’s birthday is it?

Me-Say happy birthday America! H– Happy Birthday America! … Who’s America? Me-It’s our country. H-Like Kentucky? Me– A little bigger. Just say happy birthday and enjoy the day off school. H– OK. This was a pretty big birthday weekend, not only for out country, but for my nephew Read. He turned six on Thursday and […]

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Mommy’s Little China Dolls

“We China Girls!” My parents didn’t go away on work trips or on vacation without us much when we were kids, but when they did, we most certainly expected them to bring us something back from where ever they went. I didn’t care if it was a piece of candy, a t-shirt, or a snow […]

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