Acting Stupid is not Cute

    E-Daddy, how do you draw a little “e”? Me-Are you serious? Don’t ask me questions you know the answer to. E-I don’t remember how to draw it. Me-You write one every time you write your name, every day. Acting dumb is not cute, it’s annoying. Show me how smart you are. E-Ohhhh I […]

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We’re Twins!

H-We’re gonna be twins today. E-We’re gonna trick everyone!    With Kindergarten literally right around the corner, the girls have taken things to a new, frightening level. They’re starting to understand their twin powers and are trying to use them for evil. As I was getting ready for work last week, I could hear them […]

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Oh the attitude

  Porter-who wants to see me do a super flip? Who wants to see me do a super flip? Who wants to see me do a… E-NOBODY wants to see that. To say that my girls have strong personalities would be an understatement. They tend to take over most situations they’re in, but at the […]

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Kid Beer Here!

H-What’s that? Aaron-That’s my beer H-can I have it? Aaron-No, but you can have kid beer. H-I Love Kid Beer! What do you do when your kids want a drink of your beer when you’re hanging out with friends? No you don’t give it to them idiot, that’s just wrong. You tell them they need […]

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