Their First Sleepover

H-How come Chris and Dani had a sleepover? Me- Cause you kept bugging them about it. H- Oh yeah…it was awesome!   In what I can only assume was a moment of weakness on Aunt Dani’s part, she offered months ago to have the girls come over and spend the night for a Princess Sleepover. […]

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Now that…was a party.

My babies are officially 4 years old. This party has been in the works since Christmas ended and the girls realized that their next opportunity to get presents would be on April 23rd, but I think it was worth the wait. I will be the first to say that the Princess Birthday Party was a […]

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Gearing up for Birthday Month.

The girls have been pumped about their birthday going on 3 months now. I’m pretty sure they’ve asked every day about their birthday since Christmas was over. I guess it makes sense, since that would be the next logical holiday where they get gifts. They’ve also gotten it into their head that they somehow get […]

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