Good list. Bad list.

H-Now we all have 4 good marks. Me-I only have one good mark. H-Well give yourself 3, you’ve been a good Daddy. Me-Thanks Huds, you’re the best. H-Thank you for being  a good boy.   Going into the holiday season, it’s every parents’ right to use the potential for gifts as a source of motivation […]

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Santa’s always watching. Always.

H-Santa knew I threw a fit last week. Me-Well I told you…Santa’s always watching. E-He said I was not listening. Me-Well it’s true. E-Nuh Uh…Santa’s lying. When I was little, “the real Santa” always came to our house a week or so before Chrstmas. It was so special because he was making a trip just […]

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Chasing the pot of gold

Ok, there are certain things that I have no problem with “misleading” my children with in order to keep the excitement and youthfulness of the event, like Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, etc., but this one presents a little different question for me. One night we were watching Dora and she was chasing […]

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