Excited to learn

E-The kid is a… Me-That’s great baby! E-Oh my gosh I’m so essited! I’m weading daddy! I’m weading!!!!   I’ve said it before, but I’ve always felt like the girls were way ahead of me in terms of how much they know at a certain age. When they were 3, I felt like they understood […]

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Beyond Cute

Oh you know…just getting dressed up   Me-Where are you two going dressed like that? E-We’re going to a party. H-Yeah so we had to get dressed up. Me-I can see that. Is it a costume party. E-No, just a cool party. H-Well, we gotta go. Bye Dad. Me-It was nice talking with ya.   […]

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Acting Stupid is not Cute

    E-Daddy, how do you draw a little “e”? Me-Are you serious? Don’t ask me questions you know the answer to. E-I don’t remember how to draw it. Me-You write one every time you write your name, every day. Acting dumb is not cute, it’s annoying. Show me how smart you are. E-Ohhhh I […]

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It stops here!

Me-I don’t want you to grow up. E-Dad, we have to turn 5. I’m sowwy. Me-I know. E-But I don’t want to get any older than that. So, I’ll just stay 5 for you forever. Ok? Me-Sounds good.  While they’ve been eagerly anticipating not only their 5th birthday, but also the day they get to […]

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First day of school…next year.

E- Dad, when am I gonna be 5 already? Me- Um, this time next year. Why? E- Cause I’m ready for school. Me- How about you don’t wish away your childhood and enjoy preschool? E- Fine! Whatever! All the posts on Facebook this week about people’s kids going back to school, or going to school […]

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