Smartest. Kid. Ever.

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before…”My kid is the smartest kid on the planet!” Don’t think for a minute that I haven’t taken stock of the posts I’ve written lately and noticed a common theme of talking about all the craziness that is Roo, while somewhat bypassing the awesomeness that is Roo. I […]

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Well S-h-!-t!

E – …and you said the S-word. Me – What? No I didn’t say the S-word. E – Yes you did. You said it. Me – When? E – You said that was Stupid. Me – Ohhhhh that S-word. Yeah…sorry I said that. E – You should be sorry daddy. Every parent wants their kid […]

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Beyond Cute

Oh you know…just getting dressed up   Me-Where are you two going dressed like that? E-We’re going to a party. H-Yeah so we had to get dressed up. Me-I can see that. Is it a costume party. E-No, just a cool party. H-Well, we gotta go. Bye Dad. Me-It was nice talking with ya.   […]

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Acting Stupid is not Cute

    E-Daddy, how do you draw a little “e”? Me-Are you serious? Don’t ask me questions you know the answer to. E-I don’t remember how to draw it. Me-You write one every time you write your name, every day. Acting dumb is not cute, it’s annoying. Show me how smart you are. E-Ohhhh I […]

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Last Day Before the First Day.

Me-Are you guys excited about your last day at Holy Trinity? H-I just wanna stay in the baby room all day and play with them. E-I wanna love on all my teachers…and friends…and eat our cupcakes. H-Mmm cupcakes. For the last month or so, when people ask me about how the girls are doing, I […]

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