It’s like pulling teeth

E – That turned into a pretty good night. Me – Yeah that’s not how I thought it was going to go after dinner. E – Yeah…first you’re mad at me and then we’re all happy cause you pulled my tooth. Me – It was quite a turn of events, but I’m proud of you. […]

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A visit from the tooth fairy

H- Daddy! I lost my tooth! Me – Oh my goodness baby! That’s great! H – Yeah, I just wiggled it and it came out. It didn’t hurt or nothin!   I feel like more times that not, this blog has become a platform for me to admit my greatest fears and parenting concerns/shortcomings. This […]

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Chasing the pot of gold

Ok, there are certain things that I have no problem with “misleading” my children with in order to keep the excitement and youthfulness of the event, like Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, etc., but this one presents a little different question for me. One night we were watching Dora and she was chasing […]

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