Santa’s always watching. Always.

H-Santa knew I threw a fit last week. Me-Well I told you…Santa’s always watching. E-He said I was not listening. Me-Well it’s true. E-Nuh Uh…Santa’s lying. When I was little, “the real Santa” always came to our house a week or so before Chrstmas. It was so special because he was making a trip just […]

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The Excitement is Building

  H-Turn on the Cwistmas lights daddy! Me-Ok, ok, hold on…there you go… H-Oh those are so beautiful daddy. I’ve never seen them before. Me-They’ve been up for a week. H-I’ve never seen them today. They’re beautiful.   We’re rounding the corner and heading for home on what will be the 5th Christmas with the […]

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I had an Atari 2600.

Judging by my girls’ ability to swiftly navigate an iPad, iPod touch and iPhone at only 4 years old, it’s easy to say that this generation of kids has it a little differently than when I grew up. At their age, my kids are more tech savvy than my father. Now that’s not a slam […]

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Now that…was a party.

My babies are officially 4 years old. This party has been in the works since Christmas ended and the girls realized that their next opportunity to get presents would be on April 23rd, but I think it was worth the wait. I will be the first to say that the Princess Birthday Party was a […]

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Just like riding a bike.

Well I guess technically a tricycle isn’t a bike, but now that the weather is nice, the girls are trying their hat at riding a bit more. We were walking by the neighbor’s house the other night when their little twins (Kate and Rhett) came running out and wanting to play with the girls. At […]

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Gearing up for Birthday Month.

The girls have been pumped about their birthday going on 3 months now. I’m pretty sure they’ve asked every day about their birthday since Christmas was over. I guess it makes sense, since that would be the next logical holiday where they get gifts. They’ve also gotten it into their head that they somehow get […]

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Mommy’s Little China Dolls

“We China Girls!” My parents didn’t go away on work trips or on vacation without us much when we were kids, but when they did, we most certainly expected them to bring us something back from where ever they went. I didn’t care if it was a piece of candy, a t-shirt, or a snow […]

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