Spring Break ’14 (part II)

  E – I can’t wait to get to Florida! Me – Oh yeah…why? E – I’m going to meet a new friend and then say “hey you’re going to be my new best friend.” Me – That’d be a shocker. E – Yeah I know, right?   (In case you missed the first part, it can […]

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First in Flight

  H- We are above the clouds! Me – I know buddy. Did you think you’d ever be up here? H – Oh it’s like a dream FINALLY come true.  Me – Oh that’s awesome.  H – A dream I had for a very, very, very, long time. Me – Ooooook I see where you’re going with […]

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Summer Fun!

  Me – This has been a pretty great summer so far. E – Yeah, we’ve done a lot and it’s not even over. H – What else are we gonna do? Me – I don’t know…what are you thinking? H – We should go on another vacation or maybe just go swimming. Me – […]

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A Vacation to Remember

E-daddy!!! All the princesses are real! They’re not puppets or cartoons! They’re real like me!!!   It was a hot & sweaty, sometimes frustrating, patience testing, amazingly wonderful vacation. Over the course of 10 days I recorded a ridiculous amount of photos, probably not enough quotes and enough memories to last a lifetime. The 15+ […]

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Lord Help Us

I’m not exactly sure if that headline is titled at our group as a whole, or if it’s more targeted at the adults going on our upcoming vacation. When the girls were at dance class one night, Dani and I were discussing the possibilities of going on vacation this year. In my head, taking the […]

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Vacation, oh how I miss you.

There used to be a time where people would get together and share their vacation pictures with their friends via slideshow projector. It was generally a once-a-year thing that people dreaded, but they did it and it was over. It was kind of before my time, but I’ve heard stories about it and it doesn’t […]

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