Oh Boy(s)!

When you have 3 girls, one of the most common things people tend to say is, “oh boy, you’re in trouble.” In this case, they’re usually referring to the teenage years and the emotional ups and downs that come with it. That sentiment is usually one of sympathy, understanding that at some point along the […]

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Santa’s Little Helpers

H: I’m so excited for Cookie Dough to come back! Me: Oh you are?… H: Yeah…unless it’s just you moving him around all the time. Do you move him around dad? It was accusations like this, happening roughly once a week since the girls abruptly found out about the tooth fairy’s less than truthful existence, […]

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Oh Brother.

Our phone call went a little something like this… Annie: Babe, it’s a boy. Me: What?… Annie: It’s a boy! Me: What the F*@K? …Are you serious? Annie: I’m dead serious. It’s a boy. Me: What are we going to do with a boy? My wife is not the most patient person I’ve ever met, […]

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Smartest. Kid. Ever.

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before…”My kid is the smartest kid on the planet!” Don’t think for a minute that I haven’t taken stock of the posts I’ve written lately and noticed a common theme of talking about all the craziness that is Roo, while somewhat bypassing the awesomeness that is Roo. I […]

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Only child (of 3)

The internet tells us that only child syndrome is “a label given to people who do not have any siblings, or who were raised without any siblings. Some of the claimed only child syndrome characteristics include selfishness, an inability to share and difficulty making friends.”┬áRooney has two older sisters, several cousins, and is surrounded by […]

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Robot Parrot

As we sat around preparing for Rooney’s 18-month checkup a few of months ago, Annie was taking an inventory of the words she knew. I think the number came in somewhere in the 20’s, and that didn’t include the 10-12 names she could remember. Of course every two minutes we thought of a new word, […]

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