Drama Queens

H-Aw honey, happy birthday (hugging Elle) E-Thank you sissy, I am 2 years old. Me-Elle…Hudson…time for dinner! H-My name is Marissa and it’s my little sissy’s birthday. Me- Oh, so sorry. What’s your sister’s name? E- Marissa. Me-So you’re both Marissa?…Nevermind.   After 2 1/2 hours of completely staying in character, I’m absolutely convinced that […]

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The bar has been set high

H-I know you’re still angwy with me so I’m gonna try to make it easy on you. Me-I’m not angry anymore. H-Really? Wow you’re the best dad! Separate conversation… H-I tried my best. Me-no you did not. If that’s your best then we need to have a talk. H-great…now I’m the bad guy.   I […]

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