Well S-h-!-t!

E – …and you said the S-word. Me – What? No I didn’t say the S-word. E – Yes you did. You said it. Me – When? E – You said that was Stupid. Me – Ohhhhh that S-word. Yeah…sorry I said that. E – You should be sorry daddy. Every parent wants their kid […]

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Birthday Party Crashers

  Me – But you promised me that you’d stay 5 forever! E – I’m really sorry dad, I’m growing up and I can’t stop it. Me – But you promised. E – Don’t cry daddy, it’ll be ok. Me – I’m not crying, I just want you to stay little. E – I’m still […]

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Beyond Cute

Oh you know…just getting dressed up   Me-Where are you two going dressed like that? E-We’re going to a party. H-Yeah so we had to get dressed up. Me-I can see that. Is it a costume party. E-No, just a cool party. H-Well, we gotta go. Bye Dad. Me-It was nice talking with ya.   […]

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First day of school…next year.

E- Dad, when am I gonna be 5 already? Me- Um, this time next year. Why? E- Cause I’m ready for school. Me- How about you don’t wish away your childhood and enjoy preschool? E- Fine! Whatever! All the posts on Facebook this week about people’s kids going back to school, or going to school […]

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A glimpse into the future?

Last week we were greeted with the perfectly timed summer illness that struck both of the girls pretty hard. It hit Hudson first, over night which meant I would stay home from work with her for a day. When Tracey brought Elle home, she too was running a fever and was about to be out […]

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