Vacation, oh how I miss you.

There used to be a time where people would get together and share their vacation pictures with their friends via slideshow projector. It was generally a once-a-year thing that people dreaded, but they did it and it was over. It was kind of before my time, but I’ve heard stories about it and it doesn’t […]

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The silence is deafening.

(I really just posted this video cause it’s funny to me. It doesn’t have much to do with the headline of this post other than to show that even at a very early age, they were really freaking loud and said things that made me giggle.) What I’m really writing about is the eerie calm […]

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Kid Beer Here!

H-What’s that? Aaron-That’s my beer H-can I have it? Aaron-No, but you can have kid beer. H-I Love Kid Beer! What do you do when your kids want a drink of your beer when you’re hanging out with friends? No you don’t give it to them idiot, that’s just wrong. You tell them they need […]

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