Twice the Irony

Check, check. Is this thing on? Man, it’s been years since I’ve dusted off the old blog and documented some of the amazing things going on in our family. I was just reading a friend’s post and started to do a little reminiscing about how I used keep track of all the comings, goings and general […]

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We’re Twins!

H-We’re gonna be twins today. E-We’re gonna trick everyone!    With Kindergarten literally right around the corner, the girls have taken things to a new, frightening level. They’re starting to understand their twin powers and are trying to use them for evil. As I was getting ready for work last week, I could hear them […]

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Lord Help Us

I’m not exactly sure if that headline is titled at our group as a whole, or if it’s more targeted at the adults going on our upcoming vacation. When the girls were at dance class one night, Dani and I were discussing the possibilities of going on vacation this year. In my head, taking the […]

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Their First Sleepover

H-How come Chris and Dani had a sleepover? Me- Cause you kept bugging them about it. H- Oh yeah…it was awesome!   In what I can only assume was a moment of weakness on Aunt Dani’s part, she offered months ago to have the girls come over and spend the night for a Princess Sleepover. […]

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Vacation, oh how I miss you.

There used to be a time where people would get together and share their vacation pictures with their friends via slideshow projector. It was generally a once-a-year thing that people dreaded, but they did it and it was over. It was kind of before my time, but I’ve heard stories about it and it doesn’t […]

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